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Sonda SYS. is a company founded by experts in the growing fields of 3D printing, prototyping and CAD / CAM construction. They have over 14 years of experience in the 3D printing industry and they were among the first companies to operate in this industry in Poland. They have distributed and serviced 3D printers that include several technologies, such as FDM, SLA,SLS, 3SP, DLP, and Polyjet. Their technical experience and professional aptitude have been the foundation of their cooperative partnerships with several research and technology centers that include:

· AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków
· Rzeszow University of Technology
· The Silesian Technical University
· University of Silesia
· Resovia Science and Technology Park


Through their extensive experience gained over the years, they have been able to create a tremendous interdisciplinary team that is guided by a single focus: to create a highly technical professional 3D printer that is reliable and intuitive for ease of use, as well as economical and uniquely positioned for a wide range of market needs. With the dedication and cooperation of many technical experts from around the world, Sonda Sys. has been able to construct a manufacturing device that can change the industry as nothing has before.

With the goal remaining versatile and responsive to the needs of different manufacturing sectors, Sonda Sys. has created more value with various devices available. This has been the key to producing 3D printing units that can assist with a wide range of consumable products. Currently, they offer 3D printers that work with SLS, SLA and SLM technologies that create through polyamide powders, liquid resins, and metal powder materials.