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At the cutting edge of the industrial and commercial business world, LeoSparq Ltd. offers 3D-printer sales, service, and maintenance throughout the United States and Canada since 2012. Our company is a registered corporation in Ontario, Canada with head offices in Oakville, and a satellite office to the north in Brampton, for a strong presence in the general Toronto area. But our focus is on serving various industries with custom solutions in particular for manufacturing facilities that deal with production and research and development. These include companies in the automotive, packaging, glass, aviation, and defense sectors as we work closely with them to produce much-needed parts.  In working directly with SondaSys, LeoSparq has positioned itself as experts in the 3D-Printer market with the industrial quality needed for everything from prototyping to short-run productions.

We also have influences in the growing field of automated driving with solutions through Otto.  As a far-reaching operation throughout North America, our services are utilized in the controls and motion, as well as the robotics fields with esteemed and growing companies that include Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa Motoman, and Epson.  Our foray in the vision systems sector has allowed us to work with leading companies like Cognex and Keyence. Meanwhile, we have an established presence in the field of business intelligence through MS SQL, Data Collection, and Warehouse Management.

As a corporation that is licensed, bonded and insured to conduct operations in Canada under the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board, we also cooperate with the Electrical Safety Authority and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. This, along with our licensing within the United States, allows us to maintain the highest standard of safe operations throughout both countries. Because LeoSparq Ltd. handles the most technical and sophisticated 3D-printing components and elements in terms of sales, repairs, and maintenance for many commercial and industrial companies, we can be there for you when you need us. When your corporation has a service need for your industrial-sized 3D-printer equipment, we are ready to deliver any parts required and fly our best technicians to your facility to take care of it. LeoSparq Ltd. is at the forefront of today’s growing 3D-printing technology.