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Advantages of Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing

Today, additive manufacturing 3D printing offers a major advantage in many different fields and organizations. Industrial 3d printers offer a range of possibilities from spare parts production, customized products to lightweight designs, and functional integration. It can provide rapid prototyping and more for your large projects. As a concrete example, it is feasible nowadays to perform a medium series of industrial production involving up to 100,000 parts per system in a span of a year. This figure only continues to go up from here.

A logical question: how did manufacturing differ back in the days? Some instances required the die casting, injection molding, or investment casting of a tool, mold, or wax pattern to make a product. In other instances, subtractive manufacturing was applied, which involves the act of a product being machined from a block of material through CNC milling. Regardless of what method you prefer, everything has been well tried and tested for convenient application. For example, your products would highly benefit from injection molding if your aim is to produce millions of plastic components.

The 3D CAD data is the main source of the product, which is built by layers. This process significantly reduces costs, production time, and expenses, whose benefits surpass large series industrial production. In effect, it is quicker and more efficient to build prototypes, which then optimizes designs and hastens develop cycles. Now, individual or series production of end products can be more flexible and built on demand.

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