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Introducing Selective Laser Sintering at its Best with the Sonda SYS. SL 01

A major factor that limits dynamic industry development and growth is the time needed for the research and testing of new products. But an industrial 3D printer can speed up the process with verification and functional testing capabilities offered in the early stages of a product’s design. It is vital that 3D printers for manufacturing enable rapid component production using proven and widely available materials.

Sondasys SL01
The Sondasys SL01 is the first Polish industrial additive 3D printing machine featuring SLS technology that uses polyamide powders. And with completely flexible and editable selective laser sintering parameters, it is designed to utilize any materials needed by the manufacturer. So as a consumer, you can select the material you need based on your project.

Models are produced by the SLS 3D printer using PA11 and PA12 powders, and they are developed to the highest level of precision and quality.

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