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LeoSparq Ltd. Authorized Distributor of Large SLS 3D Printers in Detroit, MI for Commercial and Industrial Use

With our top-technology 3D printing machines in various calibres and printing chamber sizes, we can help you reduce your printing cost and present a more efficient method to get your quality prints done.

About LeoSparq Ltd.

LeoSparq Ltd. was established in 2012. We are an authorized distributor of SLS Large 3D printers, we offer maintenance and repair services throughout the whole of USA, Canada, and Mexico. As a reputable company in the industry, we invest in cutting-edge technology for all our products and services.

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Selective Laser Sintering in Detroit, MI
Technology for 3D Printing of Large and Small components in unmatched detail using SondaSYS SLS 3D Printer Detroit, MI.


Benefits of Getting Industrial SLS 3D Printer
from LeoSparq Ltd. in Detroit, MI

Choosing LeoSparq Ltd. as your distributor of 3D SLS printers in Detroit, MI and the local suburbs gets you more than just a printing machine. We share our expertise in premium grade output with our large scale 3D printers in Detroit. Leave it to us to have your system running efficiently for the best resolution possible and produce a wide variety of prototypes for different industries. We have dedicated and highly qualified technicians to assist you with your large bed 3D printer. With LeoSparq Ltd., we provide our utmost service for the maintenance, repair, and proper usage of our printing machines. Enjoy the following benefits when you avail of our products:


On the chance that your SLS 3D printer breaks down, we are here to repair it for you. Schedule an appointment with us to visit our facility and have our technicians perform the necessary repair for your printing machine. Rest assured that we use only OEM parts for our repair services.


Our 3D SLS printers come with a one-year guarantee for your convenience. You may also extend the inclusive guarantee beyond the one-year period. We guarantee 100% quality on our products and services. For more information, reach out to us anytime.


We offer free maintenance service within the warranty period of the product. On top of this, we will guide you on how to keep other parts of your 3D SLS printer in running condition at all times so you can rely on it to run smoothly especially for delicate projects.

Training for New SLS 3D Printers Owners

When you purchase a brand new industrial 3D printer from us, you will receive one-week training care of LeoSparq Ltd. Within this period, we will teach you how to operate and maintain our large scale 3D printers in excellent condition. Our expert technicians will be with you every step of the way to guide you thoroughly and make sure you understand each step in full detail. For other concerns, feel free to approach us anytime.

What do we offer? What makes us unique?
Adjustable Print Chamber and Recycled Powder The newest technology of SLS 3D printers in Detroit!

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To increase efficiency and lower operational costs for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.


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We present the newest technology in SLS 3D Printing – SondaSYS SL02 Model

Dedicating 3 years of thorough research and testing has enabled LeoSparq Ltd. to produce the Sonda SYS SLS 3D printer. With this new technology, you can complete more projects in less time, thanks to the convenience and efficiency SondaSYS provides. Regardless of the project, you can expect high-quality results at all times.

Sonda SYS. SL02​

Technology: SLS
Two building chamber sizes:
SMALLER 265 x 265 x 310 mm
LARGER: 365 x 365 x 610 mm
Materials: PA11, PA12 based powders.
Wide options of customization
(ex. to high temperature materials like PA6)

For premium quality SLS 3D printing services, get in touch with us! 

If you are looking for a 3D Printing in Detroit

Every component printed by our SLS 3D Printer

No matter what type of project you have to utilize with your commercial 3D printer, you can count on LeoSparq Ltd. to provide top-notch and high resolution 3D printers for your business needs. We work promptly to deliver the parts of services you need within a reasonable timeframe.

How the Process Works
We start the process by asking you the details about the work including the material, piece, size, and diagram (if needed). Then, we assess the cost and timeframe for the project and inform you of the details as soon as possible. We take each project as uniquely as possible, so we process things in the most meticulous manner to achieve satisfying results. Rest assured that our services and parts are low-cost, efficient, and reliable for all your SLS 3D printing needs. With this new technology in the market, enjoy the introductory pricing before they go higher.

How to Order a Part
Send us a 3D sketch of the model you want to be printed using our powder 3D printer. By standard procedures, we can complete the SLS 3D printing within 1 week. For more intricate prototypes, we will update you on our estimated period of completion.

For broken or damaged parts, trust our 3D printers for manufacturing to bring back your prototype in excellent condition. We have expertise in the industry to help you replicate original parts and produce their exact replacements. To achieve this, we will create another 3D model of the item to complete the project precisely from drafting to the finished product. 

For new designs that you want to produce for the first time, we are here to assist you. Send the specifics of the 3D drawing and our team will work on it using our innovative selective laser sintering. Once we have completed the project, we will take care of the logistics and have the prototype delivered directly to you.

At LeoSparq Ltd., we make SLS 3D printing reliable, cost-efficient, and effective for all types of projects. For excellent commercial 3D printer solutions, give us a call today!

Upgrade Factory and Manufacturing Production Lines in Detroit with SondaSYS SLS 3D Printer

At LeoSparq Ltd., we strive to make factory production and assembly lines efficient, affordable, and orderly for your SLS 3D printing needs. We are an authorized dealer, partner, and distributor of the SondaSys Printers in the whole of North America. Have access to our cutting-edge technology and witness printing wonders in different industries. With our industrial 3D printer, increase your production in a significant volume using fast and reliable technology. We also design and create parts on a limited basis upon request. 


Medical 3D Printing Applications

Our SondaSys printers can be widely used in the medical field. Let us know what prototype you need and we will print them all for you. Our SLS 3D printer can construct intricate medical parts and accessories that absolutely meet high medical standards. From prostheses to dental needs like dentures, our commercial 3D printers are reliable and fitting for medical prototypes.


3D Printing in Aviation

At LeoSparq Ltd, we have expertise in printing prototypes for different industries including the aviation field. You can trust us to print high-quality parts for aircrafts in different sizes and models. Utilize our products to solve your logistical issues and receive urgent products under faster time. With our 3D printing services for the aerospace industry, you can expect your requested prototypes to be delivered to you within a reasonable period.


3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Manufacturers produce vehicles in a massive volume every year. The 3D printing industry strives to catch up with the high demand for quality parts by implementing high technology in the name of SLS 3D printing. Our 3D printed vehicle parts do not just possess high quality, but they are also suitable for other 3D printed car accessories. Utilize our 3D printing services for automotive parts for more efficient manufacturing.


Industrial 3D Printer for Electronics

With the plethora of electronics that exist today, there is no denying that SLS 3D printing is essential for accommodating massive printing requests for various gadgets all over the world. By adding a commercial 3D printer in your production, you can stay ahead of the game and efficiently produce electronics parts in different sizes, shapes, and design. Leave it to us to print in excellent detail for your satisfaction. Contact us to know our industrial 3D printer price.

For any kind of inquiry about the products we serve, LeoSparq Ltd. is ready for you. It could be anything about installation, programming, repairs, or maybe you just need a quick solution, just contact us. Our professionals are flexible to adapt to your needs and we’re always ready to travel. So when you need assistance, we can be there throughout Canada, Mexico, and the USA, because we are fully licensed and certified to bring you the help you need in Detroit.

SondaSYS designs, creates, and produces professional additive manufacturing devices. They specialize in Selective Laser Sintering systems adapted to top industry standards for industrial 3D printer Detroit.

After more than three years of R&D works, the Selective Laser Sintering Detroit system – model SL - is available.

Engineers and specialists with over 15 years of experience in rapid prototyping areas and sls 3D printing New York designed SondaSYS systems, and this new sls 3d printer Detroit. 

SondaSYS SL02 - 3D sls printer Detroit, resulted from the synthesis of best SLS market solutions at the time. Its innovation solves issues that are untouched by other currently available devices.


Why select us among New York 3D printing companies?

Asset 1


Open specifications and low costs for small volume fabrication

Asset 1

Long lasting components

Possibility to develop complex structures with up to 0,5 mm layer thickness

TOop quality elements

The precision CO2 laser and 3-axis galvo system

Build space

Flexible build volume

Time savings

Short series production in only a few hours


In order to provide the best service quality, we cooperate with leading companies in the 3d printing industry

SondaSYS, a leader amongst 3D printing companies in Detroit, was founded by 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and CAD?CAM construction industry specialists and experts. They bring to the table more than 15 years of experience in both rapid prototyping and 3D printing.  Their sister company was established in 2006 as one of the first companies in Poland operating in the industry and continues to be the largest prototyping workhouse, having completed thousands of projects, many specifically for the automobile industry.

Knowledge and Experience

Throughout the years, their professionals have distributed and serviced many technologies of 3D printers: SLA, SLS, 3SP, FDM, DLP, and Polyjet.  This has allowed them to gain extensive knowledge and experience about 3D printing technologies in Detroit, specifically Selective Laser Sintering, through the process of working side-by-side with various research centers, technology parks, and academics.
Due to the experience and expertise obtained over time, they have gathered an interdisciplinary team guided by a single thought: the creation of an intuitive, reliable 3D printer that is affordable and optimized for market necessities.  Along these same lines, the collaboration with numerous market specialists and scientists from all corners of the world (including China, France, Great Britain, and Poland) has allowed them to develop an industrial additive manufacturing device and optimize it in ways never before seen.