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LeoSparq Authorized Distributor of Large-Scale 3D Printers in Dallas, TX for Both Commercial and Industrial Use

We can provide an industrial 3D printer in Dallas, TX with cutting-edge technology that includes an adjustable printing chamber size. This unique feature is how our SLS 3D printer in Dallas can lower printing costs and printing time.

About LeoSparq Ltd.

At the forefront of the industrial and commercial automation world, LeoSparq Ltd. offers SLS 3D-printers in Dallas, TX for sales, service, maintenance, and 3D printing capabilities for projects large and small. We serve all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico since 2012.

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Technology for 3D Printing of Large and Small components in unmatched detail using SondaSYS SLS 3D Printer.


The Benefits of LeoSparq Ltd.’s Industrial SLS 3D Printer
in Dallas, TX

When you deal with LeoSparq Ltd., you receive more than simply the latest SLS 3D printer in Dallas. You also gain access to our unique expertise in the best quality large-scale 3D printer solutions.

Our SLS 3D Printing units can provide greater efficiency and improved resolution that you want in your 3D SLS printer in Dallas, TX.
Our team is always prepared to help with excellent advice that will get the most from your high-resolution 3D printer. Trust LeoSparq Ltd. to provide 100% of the training, maintenance, support, and service for your industrial 3D printer in Dallas.


It is unlikely that your 3D SLS printer will need repairs, but if it does, LeoSparq LTD. is here to help. Contact us right away to arrange for one of our technicians to visit your facility and initiate the necessary repairs. We only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for all our repairs when needed.


You can rest easy with a minimum one-year guarantee on your SLS 3D printer in Dallas, TX. At the time of your purchase, you can choose to extend that guarantee beyond one year. Any choice you make will result in a 100% guarantee on all parts and services to keep your SLS 3D printer in Dallas operating perfectly.


All maintenance on our large SLS 3D printers in Dallas, TX comes to you absolutely free of charge when serviced under the warranty period. We will advise you on which parts of your industrial 3D printer need maintenance and on the appropriate service schedule to ensure optimal operation at all times.

Training for New Owners of an SLS 3D Printer in Dallas, TX

Purchasing a new SondaSys SLS 3D Printer in Dallas from LeoSparq comes with a full week of comprehensive training. You will learn about the operation and maintenance of your large-scale 3D printer through our experts as we take you through every step in complete detail. You can count on us to be right by your side.

What do we offer? What makes us unique?
Adjustable Print Chamber and Recycled Powder The newest technology of SLS 3D printers!

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To increase efficiency and lower operational costs for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.


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We present the newest technology in SLS 3D Printing – SondaSYS SL02 Model

After over 3 years of research and testing by a highly respected team of experts in the industry, the Sonda SYS. SLS 3D printer was developed. Utilizing the SLS 3D printer, the most technologically advanced digital optical system on the market today, offers efficiency and convenience to save time and money as the variable chamber sizes allow for easy completion of any project regardless of scope.


Sonda SYS. SL02​

Technology: SLS
Two sizes of building chamber:
SMALLER 265 x 265 x 310 mm
LARGER: 365 x 365 x 610 mm
Materials: PA11, PA12 based powders.
Wide options of cutomization
(ex. to high temperature materials like PA6).