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LeoSparq Ltd. is an Authorized Distributor of Large SLS 3D Printers in Elk Grove Village for Commercial and Industrial applications.

We offer Industrial 3D Printers in Elk Grove Village with cutting-edge technology featuring a variable printing chamber size. This is how our SLS 3D Printer operates efficiently to reduce printing costs and valuable printing time.

About LeoSparq Ltd.

 At the forefront of the industrial and commercial automation world, LeoSparq Ltd. has offered SLS 3D-printer sales, service, maintenance, and 3D printing services in Elk Grove Village, the rest of the United States, Canada, and Mexico since 2012.

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Technology for 3D Printing of Large and Small components in unmatched detail using SondaSYS SLS 3D Printer Elk Grove Village.


Benefits of an industrial SLS 3D Printer from LeoSparq Ltd.
in Elk Grove Village

When you collaborate with LeoSparq Ltd. you benefit from more than just an SLS 3D printer for your Elk Grove Village business. You have access to our expertise in top-quality large-scale 3D printing services. Our SLS 3D Printing units provide your projects with greater efficiency for the highest quality resolution you need from your 3D printer. Our team is always ready to offer fast assistance and sound advice that you need to get the most from your 3D printing machine. You can trust LeoSparq to provide 100% support for training, maintenance, and service of your industrial 3D printer in Elk Grove Village.


In the unlikely event your 3D Printer requires repair services, LeoSparq is here to help. Contact us to schedule a visit to your location to make the appropriate repairs quickly. We use only Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts for all repairs made.


We offer a minimum one-year guarantee on our SLS 3D printing machines in Elk Grove Village and beyond. When you purchase a 3D printer, you can extend the warranty beyond one year as an option. Regardless of what you choose, we offer a 100% guarantee on all the parts and services you need, when you need it.


All our large-scale 3D printers in Elk Grove Village come with maintenance that is offered absolutely free of charge while under the warranty period. We can instruct you regarding which parts of the 3D printing machine require maintenance and when scheduled servicing is recommended to ensure optimum running efficiency.

Training for New SLS 3D Printers Owners

Purchasing your new SondaSys SLS 3D Printer in Elk Grove Village from LeoSparq includes one full week of first-hand training. You will learn how to operate every feature and how to maintain your large SLS 3D printer as our experts take you through every step of the process in complete detail. We always stand by you and by your industrial 3D printer in Elk Grove Village.

What do we offer? What makes us unique?
Adjustable Print Chamber and Recycled Powder The newest technology of SLS 3D printers in Elk Grove Village!

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To increase efficiency and lower operational costs for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.


Industrial Sensors, PLC & HMI, Laser Markers, Static Control / UV Curing Devices, Machine Safety / Area Sensors, Machine Vision Systems, AC Servos & Motors, Industrial Automation Components

Presenting the Newest Technology in SLS 3D Printing in Elk Grove Village: The Sonda SYS SL02

After more than 3 years of research and thorough testing by a greatly respected team of experts in the field, the Sonda SYS SLS 3D printer was created and is now ready for the market. This SLS 3D printer, available in Elk Grove Village, is the most technologically advanced digital optical system of its kind. It offers efficiency and convenience that saves time and money with a variable chamber size that allows for easy completion of any project regardless of scope.

Sonda SYS. SL02​

Technology: SLS
Two building chamber sizes:
SMALLER 265 x 265 x 310 mm
LARGER: 365 x 365 x 610 mm
Materials: PA11, PA12 based powders.
Wide range of customization options, including the use of high-temperature materials like PA6 powder for 3D printers.

WE PRINT! Count on us for your 3D Printing Services in Elk Grove Village
This is top-end 3D Printing

where every component is printed by our SLS 3D Printer in Elk Grove Village.

You may have a prototype, a machine part, or a small limited series of parts you need to be produced. Regardless of the project, you can count on LeoSparq, the leader in selective laser sintering in Elk Grove Village. We work fast to complete your project and deliver it directly to you in only a few short days.
How the Process Works
The first thing we do is assess the time needed and the cost of your project based on the material chosen, a description of the item, the size of the project, and whether a diagram is required. Since every project is unique, we consult with you regarding the details of your required SLS 3D printing in Elk Grove Village. You can count on transparency and detail throughout the entire process, along with a great low price, as our SLS 3D printer in Elk Grove Village is the newest available technology. This allows you to take advantage of our introductory pricing structure.
How to Order a Part
You can send us a 3D diagram of the item you would like to put through our commercial 3D printer in Elk Grove Village. We should be able to complete your SLS 3D printing in approximately 1 week, depending on various factors.
If you physically have a component that is broken or damaged and you need a solid working part, we offer a 100% probability of making it happen. Let us print a new component for you to function precisely as the original part did. To get this done, we will have to produce a 3D model prior to starting the printing process. This can increase the time needed to produce the final product but it will work perfectly.
You may need a newly designed component that is being produced for the first time. Just send us the specifics in a 3D rendering and our team can run it through our 3D SLS printer in Elk Grove Village. You will have your prototype in your hands once we complete the process and deliver it to your door.
LeoSparq Ltd. makes it simple to produce the parts you need through the latest in cutting-edge 3D printing machines for Elk Grove Village. Contact us for the finest commercial 3D printer solutions that can handle any project at a price that’s right for you.

Enhance Factory and Manufacturing Production Systems

LeoSparq Ltd. can take your factory production and assembly line efficiencies to new heights while reducing costs through large 3D printers for manufacturing in Elk Grove Village. As the only authorized dealer, partner, and distributor of Sonda Sys Printers throughout North America, we give you access to the most cutting-edge technology, capable of seamlessly adapting to your manufacturing facility and process.
With this industrial 3D printer, Elk Grove Village facilities can increase production levels efficiently using a fast and reliable production method integrated directly into the manufacturing stream. We are also capable of designing the parts you need on a limited basis. It’s easy to introduce a large-scale 3D printer into your Elk Grove Village manufacturing system.


Medical 3D Printing Applications

LeoSparq’s SondaSys printers offer a wide range of 3D printing solutions in the medical field. Medical 3D printing can produce medical parts and accessories in the very finest of detail, creating each product to the highest possible medical-grade standards. Our SondaSys systems are ideal to handle 3D printing for medical devices like prosthetics. And dental prostheses, our devices can provide accurate and custom fitting 3D printed dentures like never before.


3D Printing in Aviation

Our unique technological systems provide an incredible option to the aviation industry by 3D printing aircraft parts, solving logistical issues while sourcing already manufactured parts. This makes our SLS 3D printer technology much more efficient when time is a factor in acquiring these much-needed parts. With aircraft 3D printing, these aircraft can run through maintenance much sooner than having to wait for parts to arrive. These are large-scale 3D printers with the ability to handle huge projects, so 3D printing of aircraft parts is an important segment of the aviation industry.


3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

In such a wide and global industry like the automotive sector, it’s important to have the capabilities to handle the unstoppable need for car parts with speed and efficiency. So 3D printed car parts can help to keep up with that demand with the highest level of quality in every part produced. Our high-resolution 3D printers do not only produce auto parts, but they are also incredibly adaptable to produce 3D printed car accessories too. Adding an SLS 3D printer to your facility in Elk Grove Village can smooth out your workflow with access to the auto parts you need quickly.


Industrial 3D Printer for Electronics

The wide range of electronics that are commercially available today is staggering. Whether you need to scale up your production or provide customized maintenance for all those electronic products, adding a commercial 3D printer to your operations in Elk Grove Village can make a huge impact. A large-scale 3D printer allows you to stay on top of demand through a system that can add efficiency to your electronics facility. Produce the electronic parts you need with a high-resolution 3D printer at the heart of your operations in Elk Grove Village.

For any kind of inquiry about the products we serve, LeoSparq Ltd. is ready for you. It could be anything about installation, programming, repairs, or maybe you just need a quick solution, just contact us. Our professionals are flexible to adapt to your needs and we’re always ready to travel. So when you need assistance, we can be there throughout Canada, Mexico, and the USA, because we are fully licensed and certified to bring you the help you need in Elk Grove Village.