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We offer Industrial 3D Printers with unique technology of selectable printing chamber size.
This is how our SLS 3D Printer reduces printing costs and printing time.

About LeoSparq Ltd.

LeoSparq Ltd. leads with industrial 3D Printing solutions that utilize the latest technology, including an adjustable print chamber and recycled powder. So our SLS 3D Printers lower printing costs and save precious time. We are at the frontlines of industrial and commercial business, offering SLS 3D-printer sales, service, maintenance and custom 3D printing for New York and North America since 2012.

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Selective Laser Sintering
Technology for 3D Printing of Large and Small components in unmatched detail using Sonda SYS SLS 3D Printer in New York.



Benefits of getting industrial SLS 3D Printerfrom

LeoSparq Ltd in New York.

When buying from LeoSparq Ltd., we offer more than just a large-scale 3D printer. Through our expertise and the finest quality 3D printing machines, you are backed by the industry leader for 3D printing companies in New York. We partner with you every step of the way as our top-of-the-line SLS 3D printing technology makes your projects more efficient, with a high-resolution 3D printer capable of handling just about any task. And, we don’t stop there because we provide the professional assistance and advice needed to get you the most from your industrial 3D printer. LeoSparq gives you 100% support for all training, maintenance, or service needed for your large format 3D printer in the New York area.


When you have difficulties with your 3D Printing machine, repairs are just a call away. We will come to your location when you need us most to initiate repairs. Remember that you have a partner to maintain your industrial SLS 3D printer, as we provide 100% of all the parts and services you need.


Our minimum one-year guarantee on SLS 3D printing machines comes standard with every purchase. When you make your purchase, you can choose to extend your guarantee beyond the included one year. So you are fully covered 100% on any parts and service any time you have an issue with your commercial 3D printer under the guarantee period.


Your large SLS 3D printer maintenance is completely free when serviced during the warranty period. We will detail which components of your large 3D printer need servicing and advise you of the optimum maintenance schedule to keep your system running smoothly, leaving you with a worry-free 3D printing solution.

Training for New SLS 3D Printers Owners

You’re not alone when purchasing your new SondaSys SLS 3D Printer from LeoSparq. You also receive a one-week total training experience where you will learn how to operate and maintain your industrial SLS 3D printer from experienced professionals. It’s hands-on training and all your questions answered for a complete training you can trust.

What do we offer? What makes us unique?
Adjustable Print Chamber and Recycled Powder The newest technology of SLS 3D printers available in New York!

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To increase efficiency and lower operational costs for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.


Industrial Sensors, PLC & HMI, Laser Markers, Static Control / UV Curing Devices, Machine Safety / Area Sensors, Machine Vision Systems, AC Servos & Motors, Industrial Automation Components

We present the newest technology in SLS 3D Printing in New York – SondaSYS SL02 Model

The time has come after more than 3 years of research, testing, and adjustments by a team of highly regarded experts in the field of 3D printing. The Sonda SYS SLS 3D printer is here. With this 3D SLS printer from Sonda SYS, the most advanced digital optical system on the market today, you can enjoy new efficiencies and total convenience as you save time and money. That’s a result of the variable chamber size that can adapt to a project of just about any size for quick completion.


Sonda SYS. SL02​

Technology: SLS
Two sizes of building chamber:
SMALLER 265 x 265 x 310 mm
LARGER: 365 x 365 x 610 mm
Materials: PA11, PA12 based powders.
Wide options of cutomization
(ex. to high temperature materials like PA6).

WE PRINT! If you are looking for a 3D Printing in New York
Services, you are in a right place!

3D Printing - Every component printed by our SLS 3D Printer in New York

Developing a prototype, creating a machine part, or running a limited series of products is easy when you work with the most advanced technology by the leading experts of 3D printing companies in New York and across North America, LeoSparq. We can produce quickly to ensure your project is completed and delivered directly to you fast, often in just a few days.

How the Process Works
To begin the process, we determine the time required, and the overall cost of your project based on the material used, a thorough description of the item, the size, and possibly a helpful diagram. Since each task is unique, we can undergo a detailed consultation with you, highlighting the details for your SLS 3D printing project requirements. You can expect total transparency throughout the process, along with an extremely manageable cost, as our SLS 3D printer technology is the newest and most advanced on the market today. That means you can take advantage of our exciting introductory pricing.

How to Order a Part
Ordering is easy, as all you must do is send us a 3D sketch of the 3D model you want us to place in our commercial 3D printer. Depending on some key factors, we can have your SLS 3D printing project finished in roughly 1 week.
If you currently have a component in hand that has malfunctioned, is broken, or is damaged in some way, and you need it replaced, we’ll get to work for you. With our printing technology, you can have a replacement that is fully functioning as if it were a new original part. For this kind of printing project, we will need to construct a 3D model prior to beginning the printing process. For this reason, the time required for you to receive the new part back may have to increase slightly.

You might also require a newly designed product that is produced for the first time. All we need from you are the design specifications outlined in a 3D rendering and our 3D SLS printer can take it from there. Your new prototype piece can be in your hands the moment the project is completed and delivered right to you.

LeoSparq Ltd. makes producing the components you need simple with our advanced 3D printing machines for New York businesses and the rest of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Contact LeoSparq for cutting-edge commercial 3D printer solutions that are ideal for any project and offered at a great low price.

Upgrade Factory and Manufacturing Production Lines
Contact our 3D Printing Support in New York

LeoSparq Ltd. can help you take factory production and assembly lines to a higher level of efficiency and a more economical cost with large 3D printer technology. As the only authorized dealer, partner, and distributor of SondaSys Printers in New York and throughout North America, we are the gateway to the most technologically advanced printing systems that can seamlessly adapt to your manufacturing process. With our industrial 3D printer, you can increase production efficiencies with a solution that integrates directly into your existing production stream. We can also custom design and produce parts for your facility on a limited basis. We make it simple to incorporate a large 3D printer into your manufacturing plant.

Medical 3D Printing Applications

As partners with SondaSys, our 3D printers are capable of a wide range of 3D printing solutions for the medical sector. Medical 3D printing can produce the medical parts and accessories needed, perfect in the smallest detail, and each one meeting the necessary medical-grade standards. And for prostheses, our SondaSys systems are perfect, as they are uniquely designed to handle quality 3D printing of medical devices. Even dental prostheses are produced to custom fit with 3D printed dentures that are efficient to make and cost-effective.


3D Printing in Aviation

Our 3D printers provide solutions in the aviation sector by 3D printing aircraft components on short notice. This solves logistical issues that arise while sourcing already manufactured parts, so it’s faster and more efficient in requisitioning these aircraft components. With 3D printing in aviation, aircraft maintenance becomes faster and simpler without the need to wait for parts to arrive. LeoSparq makes 3D printing aircraft parts easy to keep the industry flying.


3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a global juggernaut, so it’s essential to have a tight grip on the demand for car parts. With 3D printed car parts, you can effectively handle that flow of demand while also keeping confidence high for the quality of the parts required. Our printers replicate 3D printed auto parts, but they also adapt to manufacture 3D printed car accessories for a full range of automotive products. Adding a 3D printer to your auto-parts systems can save time and money on producing auto components and accessories.


Industrial 3D Printer for Electronics

The incredibly vast range of electronics commercially available around the world is mind-blowing. So whether you need to raise your production levels or provide maintenance for all kinds of electronic components, a large 3D printer added to your business is the solution. A commercial 3D printer allows you to keep your business ahead of the curve with an adaptable unit that can easily contribute to your electronics manufacturing processes. You can produce the electrical parts you need with precision and quality.


Selective Laser Sintering Factor
Different varieties of lasers have alternative solutions for inducing light, so a different factor produces the light with each. In a CO2 laser, the factor used is a carbon dioxide cloud. The overall construction of different lasers is quite similar, as they always include a cylinder surrounded by the medium that shines into it. 

Most SLS 3D printer developers use CO2 lasers, as do we. That’s not because it’s more economical than ex-fiber, but a CO2 laser is better in SLS 3D printing devices because a large portion of the power produced by the laser is absorbed by polyamide powder instead of bouncing off the powder surface.

The light emitted by these CO2 lasers (with a length of 10.6 µm) is, for the most part, absorbed by the powder particles. If an attempt is made to use it in the selective laser sintering process through an ex-fiber or LED laser, the light would primarily reflect off the powder, resulting in a dramatic loss of power.

Getting a Durable High Stability 80 W Laser into an SLS 3D Printer
SondaSYS devices regularly feature 60 W or 80 W lasers, but there is also an option for the customer to go with a 100 W laser. The device includes an HS (high stability) quality laser that reduces power fluctuations to less than 2%. That gives us the ability to use a fast laser with greater power output as we maintain the quality of the resulting model surfaces to the same standards as those of a slower and lower-powered laser device. The laser’s full power is only utilized for fast scans of a surface, so the unit quickly shifts the mirrors to fill the appropriate surface area.

You can be sure that you will not need to use the full power capacity of the 60 W or 80 W CO2 laser for your SLS 3D printer model production. So even after hundreds of SLS 3D printing hours, the laser will hold its full production capabilities, stability, and power level for high-quality sintered models. The development of a printout that might ordinarily take dozens of hours will only need a few minutes of laser work for completion with this industrial 3D printer.

Selective Laser Sintering Power
The important thing here is to have the right amount of energy guided into the material used. If a weak laser is installed, the energy flowing into the powder is minimized and completion of the SLS 3D printing process will require much more time. However, the end result will usually be a very well finished surface. So the less powerful the laser, the longer the selective laser sintering process will take. Despite the greater time required to sinter the model, these weak laser devices are able to produce models with outstanding surface details. Power usage is at 100% (30 W), which makes it much easier to maintain control over the power level and the overall stability of the selective laser sintering project.


SondaSYS SL02 is at the leading edge of industrial 3D printer units. It utilizes the latest SLS technology (polyamide/plastic powders) that has been developed from concept to completion in Poland by a team of highly talented engineers and market experts that bring more than 15-years of experience to the SLS 3D printing industry and to CAD/CAM services.


Its unique optical solutions make SondaSYS SL02 the only SLS 3D printer anywhere in the world to feature an adjustable build volume chamber, making the build space smaller or larger to accommodate any manufacturing requirements through a small or larger bed 3D printer. This feature is designed to save significantly on powder utilization, time, power, and general expenses.


The SL02 large scale 3D printer model is fully equipped with the most up-to-date optical system from Cambridge Technology. It ensures a model of the highest quality with a significantly reduced operation time.


With open and editable SLS 3D printer parameters, this device is made to work with any provider materials. Consumers may freely choose materials based on what the project calls for. Models may go through production using PA11 and PA12 powders. And given a special request, we can customize your commercial 3D printer to use high-temperature options, like a PA6 powder.

If you have an inquiry about the products we serve, LeoSparq Ltd. has the answers. You may need guidance on installation, programming, repairs, or simply a quick solution, just reach out to us. Our professionals can easily adapt to your needs and we’re always ready to fly to your location anywhere in North America. Our fully licensed and certified experts can bring the help you need directly to your door.

SondaSYS creates, designs and produces professional additive manufacturing devices. They specialize in Selective Laser Sintering systems adapted to requirements and top-quality standards for industrial 3D printer New York.

After three years of R&D works, the Selective Laser Sintering New York system – model SL - is available.

SondaSYS systems, including the latest sls 3d printer New York, were designed by the team of engineers and specialists with over 15 years of experience in rapid prototyping areas and sls 3D printing New York.

SondaSYS SL02 - 3D sls printer New York, is the result and synthesis of best SLS solutions for the market. Its innovation fills gaps left by other devices already available on the market.


Why select us among New York 3D printing companies?

Asset 1


Low costs and open specifications for small volume fabrication

Asset 1

Enduring components

Capability to develop complex structures with up to 0,5 mm layer thickness

High quality elements

The precision CO2 laser and 3-axis galvo system

Build space

Convertible build volume

Save time

Short series production in only a few hours


Providing the best service quality by collaborating with leading companies in the 3d printing industry

SondaSYS, originally founded by 3D printing, CAD/CAM construction industry, and rapid prototyping experts and specialists, is among the best 3D printing companies in New York.  They offer their more than 15 years of experience in both 3D printing and rapid prototyping.  Established in 2006, their sister company was one of the very first companies in Poland to operate in the industry and is the largest prototyping workhouse to this day, having now executed thousands of projects, including many especially for the automotive industry.

Knowledge and Experience

Over time, their professional team has serviced and distributed varied technologies of 3D printers: 3SP, SLA, SLS, DLP, Polyjet, and FDM.  This experience has granted them the opportunity to obtain priceless expertise and knowledge regarding 3D printing technologies in New York, especially Selective Laser Sintering, thanks to the time spent collaborating with a variety of technology parks, research centers, and academics.
Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years, they have put together an integrated team unified by one common goal: creating a dependable, intuitive 3D printer that is optimized for market necessities and affordable as well.  In this way, the teams’ cooperation with varied industry scientists and market specialists from all over the world (like France, Great Britain, Poland, and China) has assisted them in developing an industrial additive manufacturing device and improving it like never before.