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Metal Materials for SLS 3D Printer Solutions

We carry an extensive portfolio of high-tech materials specifically designed for metalwork that utilizes our SLS 3D printer technology. And we have a quality-controlled material supply chain that is monitored from the source to delivery and ensures regulatory compliance, lot traceability, flexible volumes, and timely delivery. Our materials, process parameters, and metal industrial 3D printers are optimally aligned for a reliable and repeatable process to provide the desired properties during the production of your parts. This is known to us as the Quality Triangle and it is unique to our selecting laser sintering technology, a proven powder bed fusion technology that is ideal for metal additive manufacturing 3D printing.

The materials portfolio includes aluminum, cobalt chrome, nickel, refractive metal, stainless steels, tool steels, and titanium alloys. So you have a wide selection that enables a multitude of production applications for additive manufacturing 3D printing using the desired material for a quality part.

Our professional team of materials and metallurgy experts is constantly developing DMLS materials based on customer needs and feedback. We are always working on a wide range of possible future materials to include bronze, pure copper, metallic glasses, and lightweight alloys, among others.

If you are searching for a tailor-made material to handle your application or more data to ease qualification, we have the solution for you.

We go beyond an extensive portfolio to offer a solution that is perfectly suited to your specific application and requirements for SLS 3D printing. And we focus on your solutions from feasibility planning to full validation, including any post-processing steps necessary.

Choose from our range of quality-controlled SLS 3D printing materials and benefit from our exceptional expertise. We are happy to support you in developing your additive manufacturing 3D printing project through the right materials to achieve your design, development, and production goals.

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