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Panasonic Industrial Devices

LeoSparq Ltd. is Proud to Take SLS 3D Printing to the Next Level as We Announce Our Partnership with Panasonic Industrial Devices!

Panasonic Industrial Devices is the world’s leading source for strategic innovations that assist with customer product development processes. They provide cutting-edge technology and engineering resources that enable manufacturers to plan for and create world-class solutions to meet the needs of customers.

By partnering with a company of this caliber and adding them to our fast-growing network, we continue to evolve while maintaining ourselves as the leading SLS 3D printer point of sale and service and maintenance solution.

Panasonic’s engineering and manufacturing power enhance the core of our company’s strength in industrial 3D printer technology, as they infuse our entire product line with specialized credibility and brand recognition that will help us provide the best 3D printer solutions on the market.

This brand is a global consumer electronics powerhouse operating out of Newark, NJ. Panasonic began by developing components and materials that remain the building blocks for the wide variety of advanced technology products that their company is best recognized for today, and that development continues even now.

Panasonic’s range of technology is deeply embedded throughout society, let alone the products that their customers use each day. So common consumers may not even realize that their home appliances contain Panasonic parts, including refrigerator compressors, mobile device components, and batteries. The most popular products are manufactured using Panasonic’s factory automation equipment. Their success is measured by the level of confidence and trust shown offered by consumers to their technology, as it is the power behind so many products, a list that now includes our own SLS 3D printing machines.

It’s now time for us to handle research, development, and production at a higher standard for our large-scale 3D printers. So we anticipate and expect more robust solutions for our client companies in the automotive, packaging, glass, aviation, and defense sectors, as we work closely with them and with Panasonic Industrial Devices to produce the customary and innovative parts needed every day.

LeoSparq Ltd. is looking forward to working with Panasonic Industrial Devices to assist our clients in developing their businesses through a new age of commercial 3D printers.