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LeoSparq Authorized Distributor of Large SLS 3D Printers in Oakville, ON for Commercial and Industrial use.

We offer Industrial 3D Printers with unique technology of selectable printing chamber size
This is how our SLS 3D Printer reduces printing costs and printing time.

About LeoSparq Ltd.

LeoSparq Ltd. provides industrial 3D Printers utilizing the newest technology with an adjustable print chamber that uses recycled powder. So our SLS 3D Printers reduce printing costs and save time.We are at the cutting edge of industrial and commercial business, offering SLS 3D-printer sales, service, maintenance and 3D printing for Oakville, ON and throughout North America since 2012.

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Technology for 3D Printing of Large and Small components in unmatched detail using SondaSYS SLS 3D Printer in Oakville, ON.


Benefits of getting industrial SLS 3D Printerfrom

LeoSparq Ltd in Oakville, ON.

When you’re in business with LeoSparq Ltd., you can count on more than just a large-scale 3D printer. Through our expertise and highest quality 3D printing machines, you enjoy the industry leader for 3D printing companies in Oakville as your partner every step of the way. Our SLS 3D printing technology makes your projects more efficient, with a high-resolution 3D printer that can handle just about any task. And, we stand ready to provide the professional assistance or advice you need so you can get the most from your industrial 3D printer. You can trust LeoSparq to provide 100% support for any training, maintenance, or service needed for your large format 3D printer in the Oakville area.


When your 3D Printing machine has a problem, we can help. Contact us whenever you need to and we can visit your facility to initiate repairs. You are never alone in maintaining your industrial SLS 3D printer, as we provide 100% of all parts and services needed to handle any issue.


Our minimum one-year guarantee on all our SLS 3D printing machines is standard. When you finalize your purchase, you have the option to extend your guarantee beyond that one year. Regardless of what you choose, you are 100% covered on all parts and service when you need help with your commercial 3D printer.


Our large SLS 3D printer maintenance comes to you absolutely free of charge when we service it under the warranty period. We will advise you on which parts of your large 3D printer need maintenance and the optimum service times to keep the system running at peak efficiency.

Training for New SLS 3D Printers Owners

Purchasing a new SondaSys SLS 3D Printer from LeoSparq comes with one full week of training. You will come to know how to operate and maintain your industrial SLS 3D printer through detailed instructions by experts who take you through every step. You can count on us being by your side the whole time.

What do we offer? What makes us unique?
Adjustable Print Chamber and Recycled Powder The newest technology of SLS 3D printers available in Oakville!

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To increase efficiency and lower operational costs for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.


Industrial Sensors, PLC & HMI, Laser Markers, Static Control / UV Curing Devices, Machine Safety / Area Sensors, Machine Vision Systems, AC Servos & Motors, Industrial Automation Components

We present the newest technology in SLS 3D Printing in Oakville, ON – SondaSYS SL02 Model

It has taken over 3 years of research and vigorous testing by a highly respected team of experts in the field to finally develop the Sonda SYS SLS 3D printer Oakville.
Utilizing the 3D SLS printer, the most cutting-edge digital optical system available today enhances efficiency and convenience so you can save time and money with the variable chamber size that allows for effective project completion with little regard to size.


Sonda SYS. SL02​

Technology: SLS
Two sizes of building chamber:
SMALLER 265 x 265 x 310 mm
LARGER: 365 x 365 x 610 mm
Materials: PA11, PA12 based powders.
Wide options of cutomization
(ex. to high temperature materials like PA6).

WE PRINT! If you are looking for a 3D Printing in Oakville, ON
Services, you are in a right place!

3D Printing - Every component printed by our SLS 3D Printer in Oakville

For any prototype, machine part, or a short run limited series of items that you want to create, you can call LeoSparq as the leader of the 3D printing companies in Oakville and across North America. We work fast to have any project completed and delivered directly to you in only a few short days.

How the Process Works
To begin, we can determine the time and cost of your project as a result of the material needed, a description of the item, size, and if a diagram is required. Because each project is unique, we will consult with you regarding the details of your SLS 3D printing requirements. You can count on transparency throughout the entire process, along with a manageable cost, as our SLS 3D printer is the newest and most advanced technology available, allowing you to take advantage of our introductory pricing.

How to Order a Part
You can simply send us a 3D sketch focusing on the 3D model you would like to run through our commercial 3D printer. Depending on a few important factors, we can complete your SLS 3D printing in approximately 1 week.
If you have a physical component in hand that has failed or is damaged in some way, and you need to replace it, we can make it happen. We will print the new part and it will function exactly like the original part. In this instance, we will need to construct a 3D model prior to putting it through the printing process. That may increase the time it takes to receive the new part.

You may require a newly designed piece that is produced for the first time. All we need are the specifications in a 3D drawing and our team can put it through our 3D SLS printer to create it for you. Your part will be in your hands as soon as we have it completed and delivered to your door.

LeoSparq Ltd. makes it simple to produce the parts you need with the latest in cutting-edge 3D printing machines for Oakville businesses and the rest of North America. Contact us for the top-of-the-line commercial 3D printer solutions that are perfect for any project at the right price.

Upgrade Factory and Manufacturing Production Lines
Contact our 3D Printing Support in Oakville, ON

LeoSparq Ltd. can help make your factory production and assembly lines more efficient while lowering costs through large 3D printer technology. As the only authorized dealer, partner, and distributor of SondaSys Printers in Oakville and across North America, we give you access to the most cutting-edge technology, capable of adapting to your specific manufacturing process.
With this industrial 3D printer, you can efficiently raise your production levels with a quick and reliable method that’s integrated directly into your production stream. We are also capable of designing and creating parts for your operation on a limited basis. It’s easy to include a large scale 3D printer into your manufacturing system.


Medical 3D Printing Applications

Partnered with SondaSys, our 3D printers offer the opportunity for a wide range of 3D printing solutions in medicine. Medical 3D printing can produce medical parts and accessories down to the smallest detail, with each product meeting the highest medical-grade standards. For prostheses, our SondaSys systems are designed to handle 3D printing of medical devices. And in the field of dental prostheses, these printers provide precise custom fitting 3D printed dentures very efficiently and cost-effectively.


3D Printing in Aviation

Our systems operate as a viable option in the aviation sector by 3D printing aircraft components. This solves any logistical issues in sourcing already manufactured parts, for a fast and efficient way to acquire these important parts. With 3D printing in aviation, any aircraft can be put through maintenance with speed and ease, which is better than waiting for parts to arrive. We have large 3D printers that can handle 3D printing aircraft parts, which is an important aspect of the industry.


3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

In such a huge and important industry, it’s critical to have a handle on the constant demand for car parts quickly and effectively. With 3D printed car parts, you can keep up with that flow while also providing the high level of quality required for each part. Our printers not only produce 3D printed auto parts, but they are incredibly adaptable to manufacture 3D printed car accessories too. Adding a 3D printer saves time and money on auto parts and accessories.


Industrial 3D Printer for Electronics

The fantastically wide range of electronics commercially available is mind-boggling. So whether you need to increase production or provide maintenance for all those electronic products, you can benefit from a large 3D printer in your business. A commercial 3D printer lets you stay ahead of the curve with a versatile system that can effectively contribute to your electronics manufacturing facility producing the components you need with precision and quality in all you create.

For any inquiry or concern about any of the products we serve, LeoSparq Ltd. is here for you. For anything regarding installation, programming, repairs, or just quick answers, simply contact us. Our experts are flexible to meet your needs and we’re ready to travel. So when you need help, we can be there throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. We are fully licensed and certified to provide the professional service you’re looking for in Oakville, ON.