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SLS 3D Printing – Customize Product, Spare Parts, and Much More

When it comes to SLS 3D printing, manufacturers have to keep up with market demands and other requirements from various industries. For example, in the automotive industry and consumer goods and medical technology, custom products have a high demand from consumers. At the same time, these parts must be manufactured to be profitable, therefore mass customization is encouraged. More so, suppliers in the automotive and mobility industries, to be particular, have to guarantee available spare parts for the next 10 years or more. To produce these parts in advance means to be extra meticulous with quality, production, and storage costs.

Our company can help you have a more efficient system for your factory production and assembly lines while reducing costs on manufacturing large scale 3D printers. As an authorized dealer, partner, and distributor of SondaSys Printers, we have access to premium technology that can properly adapt to your manufacturing process, and we can introduce the same access to you. Using a high resolution 3D printer can effectively raise the efficiency of your production level and provide you a reliable and fast method for production directly integrated into your production stream. We can also design and create parts exclusively for you. Surely, you would benefit from large bed 3D printers for manufacturing.

To add, our SondaSys Selective laser sintering printers also offer wonderful opportunities for  3D printing in the medicinal industry. This can effectively manufacture medical parts and accessories with fine details, not to mention highly functional to meet the highest medical-grade standards possible. Our 3D printing is also widely acknowledged in the automotive and aerospace industries. We produce high quality aircraft parts that help address logistical issues for already manufactured parts.

On-demand production with 3D additive manufacturing technology enables customized production to each batch with very little limitations.

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