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The SLS 3D Printer from Sonda SYS in the Conventions of the INDUSTRY 4.0 Concept

Sonda SYS model SL01 is the first Polish-made industrial 3D printer that handles printing through selective laser sintering technology using powdered plastics. Device research and development took over three years to perfect by specialists at Solveere who used their exceptional expertise to bring this cutting-edge printer to market. This high-resolution 3D printer made its official launch in 2017 at Formnext in Frankfurt am Main, the largest and most prestigious additive technologies trade forum.

Sonda SYS SL01 is designed to be an open system, so this industrial 3D printer can operate using any powders and high-temperature materials needed by the user. In its basic version, the unit has utilized powders from Evonik and Prodways, and the system’s open concept makes it ideal for other PA11 and PA12 powders. Plus, the large-scale 3D printer features a unique nitrogen atmosphere system in powder hoppers. That makes it possible to use BASF PA6 powders that require the additional gas cover to remove hygroscopicity in storage and dosing of PA6 throughout the process. It also features a raised thermal window for a problem-free operation.

The SLS 3D printer by Sonda SYS includes a unique feature not found in any other 3D printing device on the market.  The printing chamber size can adjust to the project, where the smaller chamber is perfect for prototyping at 250 x 250 x 350 mm, and the larger 350 x 350 x 600 mm chamber is excellent for running a short production series. Sonda SYS Co. has a patent on this simple workspace configuration alteration system for its industrial 3D printer.

The commercial 3D printer system is equipped with the most advanced optical system available on the global market today. It is based on a dynamic 3-axis galvo, along with a DMF optical correction system. To ensure printouts to the highest level of precision, all processes are controlled digitally. The digital optics and high-powered laser allow for fast and precise selective laser sintering of the chosen material. In contrast with the F-Theta lens, the applied DMF module avoids laser spot optical distortion during the last phase of the energy transfer to the powder surface. That makes the working chamber of this SLS 3D printer perfectly circular for real-time device calibration.

The size-adjusting print chamber ensures simple and fast optimization to reduce production costs. Using the small and large chamber size according to production requirements offers tremendous production time saved and limits powder loss.
Reduced powder loss also results from the gas-insulated production zone. And, as the system generates a protective atmosphere within the working chamber, along with the innovative chamber heating system, ensures the SLS 3D printer operates safely. A dedicated station is included for post-production processing and model cleaning so that manufacturing details can be managed at a faster pace.

SL01 3D printer features dedicated software to control the SLS 3D printing processes. The system is accessed through an intuitive and very user-friendly interface with software that allows a live preview of the printing process and the print parameters. The ground-breaking software architecture and the user-oriented interface do not require any specialized training to operate. On top of that, it is equipped with Ethernet USB connectors, and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it accessible through mobile devices.

The Sondasys SL01 selective laser sintering unit is a complete system that is ready to handle your production line right after installation. For one low price, the system features a production unit, control unit, a dedicated cleaning station, trolley, chiller, and nitrogen generator.

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