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We Are Top-Quality Global Technology Leaders for High-End Industrial 3D Printers

We offer support to our customers beginning with their entry into additive manufacturing, right through to series production-ready factories. Our company brings you all the elements you will need for SLS 3D printer technology all from a single professional source, including systems, materials, and process parameters. Our portfolio features global, comprehensive consulting services. All aspects of our SLS 3D printing services are intelligently coordinated and guarantee reliable, top-quality parts to provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors.
We don’t simply offer a single industrial 3D printer product, but integrated solutions as we draw from an extensive, diverse, and quality-driven system of strong partners.

Intelligent Comprehensive Solutions to Complement Your 3D Printers for Manufacturing 
From creating prototypes to full series production, we provide high-precision 3D printing platforms for additive manufacturing of parts derived from plastics and metals.
With more than 30 years of experience in process development, we offer the perfect combination of selective laser sintering and powder material for additive manufacturing that is absolutely unique in the industry.
Our resolve is for providing comprehensive service and consulting to our customers, for everything from application design and data generation to part construction, post-processing, and beyond. Our global SLS industrial 3D printer network offers professional expertise in our partners for every step of the additive manufacturing process.

Trust in our ability to develop comprehensive large-scale 3D printer manufacturing solutions that encompass the entire industrial value chain, including Industry 4.0. We achieve this by fully integrating industrial 3D printing into production lines for more flexible and more efficient production systems.

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