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What makes SondaSYS 3D PRINTERS so special?

1. The Build Volume Can Be Changed
If you have concerns about manually changing the building platforms of your 3D printing machine, don’t worry, as the SondaSYS printers have a digital control for that purpose. All you have to do is choose between Size 1 (265 x 265 x 310 mm) or Size 2 (365 x 365 x 610 mm). Subsequently, the industrial 3d printer will prepare itself to select the build volume on its own, as well as the galvo, laser and heating parameters. Size 1 is mostly used for smaller prints, and allows for shorter warm-up and freeze times, as well as the amount of powder used and costs per part. For its part, Size 2 is used more for higher demand prints.

2. Military-Grade 3-Axis Optical Galvo
For an SLS 3D printer, the galvo is extremely important because it directs and focuses the laser beam. The SondaSYS printers that we have here at LeoSparq Ltd. are unique in their class, since they use military-type 3-axis optical galvos, which allows changes in build volume, speed of the printing process and the subsequent improvement of print quality. These aforementioned aspects are extremely important for 3d printing companies.

3. Dynamic Laser Beam Width
It is very important that the large format 3d printer has the ability to change the width of the laser beam, as it allows better determination of the selective laser sintering for production. By having a wider beam, the sintering of the powder is greater with each pass and will therefore increase the printing speed and resistance of the created object. However, the downside of this is a decrease in the resolution of the details. But by having the ability to change the beam width at the same time that the printing is carried out, the SondaSYS printers will be able to continue doing the internal infill of the object with a wide beam and the exterior will be done with a narrow beam to maintain the details. . All in order to maintain the speed of production and the good appearance of the object.

4. Skywriting
One of the clear disadvantages of a large 3d printer with a 2-axis galvo system is that the laser dot moves to its destination with irregular pauses due to the limited ability to move the mirrors, which results in imperfections in printed objects. To avoid that problem, here at LeoSparq Ltd. we have the SondaSYS SL02, which has a 3-axis galvo that allows more arcing movements between the points to dissipate excess energy without the need to reduce production speed. In addition, the laser has the ability to turn on or off automatically to maintain speed without having to burn powder unnecessarily, something that we owe to the SondaSYS RP software and its algorithms. Another of the capabilities of this printer is that the laser does not need to be calibrated frequently, just only at the time of installation.

5. Open Material Ecosystem
The 3D printers for manufacturing that we have here at LeoSparq Ltd. have an open material platform, which allows you to choose the right supplier that fits your budget. Apart from that, printers of this type can be used to experiment with new and exotic materials, in case you want to create better products or processes that can be replicated by other companies in your segment.

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